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Welcome to a new era of branding where your vision comes to life without the hassle. At Lewis Creative, we redefine the traditional photoshoot with AI-powered imagery that captures the essence of your brand in breathtaking detail. Imagine stunning visuals without the stress of hair, makeup, or extensive setups. It’s just you, on your best day—every day.

What We Offer:

  • Custom AI Photoshoots: Choose from up to three themes or styles per set to perfectly match your brand’s vibe. Whether it’s a chic poolside scene or a glamorous wardrobe transformation, we have you covered.
  • Flexible Image Formats: Each set includes both square (1:1) for social media impact and banner (16:9) for website headers, ensuring your brand stands out in any format.
  • High and Low-Res PNGs: Ready for both digital and print use, our images come in high and low resolutions to meet all your marketing needs.

Why Partner with Haley?

  • Tailored AI Branding Solutions: Get personalized guidance to leverage AI for creating stunning visuals that reflect your brand’s essence.
  • Campaign-Ready Visuals: From major events to everyday promotions, equip your brand with top-tier imagery that captivates and converts.
  • Dynamic Social Media Presence: Enhance your social media campaigns and engagement with visuals that are optimized for performance and aesthetics.


Snapshot Essentials


  • Three images (12 files)
  • Square (1:1) and Portrait (3:5)
  • Up to three themes/styles
  • Hi-Res and Low-Res PNGs
  • Extra Headshot: $175/ea.


Signature Shot Combo

Headshots + Hero Images: 

  • Nine images (36 files)
  • Square (1:1) and Banner (16:9)
  • Up to three themes/styles
  • Hi-Res and Low-Res PNGs


Ultimate Persona Portfolio

Headshots + Hero Images + Backgrounds:

  • 18 images (108 files)
  • 3 Headshots; 3 Full Body 
  • 6 Environment; 6 Background
  • Square (1:1) Portrait (3:5) and Banner (16:9)
  • Up to three themes/styles
  • Hi-Res and Low-Res PNGs


Content Creator Kit

15 Images per Month:

  • 15 images (30 files)
  • Post (1:1)
  • Story (9:16)
  • Any themes/styles
  • Low-Res PNGs


    Click Magnet Thumbnails

    Youtube/Podast Images:

    • As needed images
    • Square (1:1)
    • Thumbnails (16:9)
    • Any themes/styles
    • Low-Res PNG


      Blog Boost Image Set

      Image Support per Article:

      • 1 feature image
      • 1 social image
      • 1-2 support graphics
      • Any themes/styles
      • Low-Res PNGs


        Why Choose AI-Enhanced Images?

        • Fast: Streamlined production means you get your images quicker.
        • Affordable: Bloated budgets and costly production is a thing of the past. Get premium quality without the premium price tag.
        • Fabulous: With AI precision, each image is crafted to showcase the best version of your brand.


        “You made me look amazing. Thank you for the fun experience”

        Eileen M.

        SO AWESOME!

        “This made my day… you spent so much time. Now I want to dye my hair!”

        David K.


        “So fun. You are awesome… and a smart friend I can bounce ideas off of. “

        Melissa S.

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        Building Better visual brands

        Defining a cohesive and recognizable visual identity is crucial for businesses. This involves carefully shaping brand identity and message to resonate with the target audience. Whether it’s through impactful print materials, compelling digital campaigns, or visually striking environmental graphics, every touchpoint should align with the brand’s essence.

        Platforms like Instagram provide an opportunity to engage customers through captivating visual storytelling. In addition, leveraging other media platforms such as print ads, website design, and environmental graphics enhances brand visibility and consistency. By maintaining a consistent visual language across all channels, businesses establish a strong brand presence, build trust, and drive customer engagement. This comprehensive approach cultivates increased brand awareness, fosters customer loyalty, and fuels business growth.

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