Let me guess: You’ve got that one-minute elevator pitch polished to a high shine. You’ve honed it, you’ve rehearsed it, and maybe you’ve even gotten a few polite nods or even some lukewarm “interesting…” responses. But let’s be real—deep down, you know it’s as exciting as last year’s tax return. It’s time to ditch the pitch and make every introduction count!
Why? Because the traditional elevator pitch is a relic of the past, a fossil in the fast-moving world of instant connections and even quicker dismissals. Today’s golden rule? If you’re boring, you’re invisible.

Rethink, Revamp, Re-engage

Here’s the scoop: The one-minute pitch is dead. Dead as the dodo. In today’s hyper-connected world, nobody has the patience to listen to a canned spiel. People crave stories, not summaries; they want engagement, not elevator music. That’s where the art of the micro-story comes in—an electrifying, bite-sized introduction that leaves them wanting more.

Picture this: You’re at a buzzing networking event or a laid-back business brunch. Instead of launching into a robotic rundown of what you do, imagine weaving a little story that packs a punch—think of it as your business card “come to life.” Maybe it’s the tale of how your latest project turned a client’s world from monochrome to magical, or a quick anecdote about the crazy inspiration behind your most popular product.

Show, Don’t Tell

Take Steffi, for instance, one of my bootcamp graduates. Before she revamped her intro, she was just another face in the crowd, struggling to make her mark. Fast forward to post-bootcamp—you wouldn’t believe the transformation. With a few tweaks to her approach, she began her intros with, “Let me tell you about the time I…” instead of “I work in…”. The result? She doubled her client base. Doubled! People remembered her, talked about her, and most importantly, they connected with her story.

The Magic of Micro-Stories

So, how do you craft your own micro-story? It’s all about capturing the essence of what makes you, well, you—but in less than 10 seconds. Yes, you heard that right. Whether it’s through a touch of humor, a dash of drama, or a sprinkle of suspense, your intro should be as unforgettable as your personality.

Think about what makes your business unique, what fires you up, or what makes your clients rave about you. That’s your story’s hook. From there, it’s just about keeping it concise, clear, and compelling.

Ready to Turn Heads?

If you’re tired of being the best-kept secret in your industry, it’s time to ditch the old pitch and turn your introduction into an invitation—to learn more, to connect deeper, to engage longer.
Still think you can’t teach an old pitch new tricks? Think again. I’m here to guide you through every step of the way. Want to learn how to ditch the pitch and make every intro count? Click the link below for the FREE DOWNLOAD: DITCH THE PITCH —let’s make you the talk of the town.